• 100 Plus Small Sign Ideas

    100 Ideas for Small Signs

    and a “Pumpkin Spice” SVG Freebie If you own a cutting machine you’ve maybe thought about creating some of your own home decor. I know that when I purchased my first cutting machine, sign making was very high on my “To DO” list. Even so, I owned the cutting machine, but didn’t always have the time. Can you relate? Maybe it’s not time, but maybe it’s space, owning power tools or other reasons that keep you from making some cute home decor pieces of your own. Don’t have time or space for big signs? No problem. There’s lots of great small signs within easy reach. At the end of this…

  • three-trees-rustic-ornaments

    Three Rustic Trees Ornaments and Free SVG

    These rustic trees ornaments are made from pallet scraps from one of my latest pallet sign projects. They are super simple to make and can be made from any small pieces of wood. I know it seems a little bit early for Christmas stuff, but my next craft fair is the first weekend in November. I thought some of these would be a nice addition to my booth, not to mention nice family gifts for this Christmas. The pallet that I took apart for a recent project had boards that were only 3/8″ thick and so it was perfect for these ornaments. The overall dimensions of the face are 1…

  • Beach Please

    Free SVG File Hello friends! I thought this “Beach Please” SVG file would be a fun way to kick off the summer season. This is one of my hand lettered designs. What do you think?

  • love-lives-here-vector-graphic

    Love Lives Here Free SVG File

      My Etsy shop is up and running and I’m enjoying the creative process of making new files to sell. Today I’m sharing a free “Love Lives Here” SVG file in celebration. Since we’re just a week away from Valentine’s Day, a little bit of Valentine theme was in order. However, you really could use this any time of year.    

  • draw-heart-silhouette-studio

    Draw a Heart in Silhouette Studio

    starting with just ONE simple shape. Hello again! January is flying by and I’m ready for some Valentine crafts hopefully BEFORE February gets here. Today I wanted to share how quick and how easy it is to draw a simple heart shape in your Silhouette Studio program.

  • Thrift to Farmhouse Decor

    DIY Home Decor with Thrift Store Frames     Did you ever think about throwing something out and change your mind? That’s what happened with these old picture frames. Today I’m going to share with you how they were rescued from stuff I was going to haul to the thrift store, and made into new home decor.  The Real Truth I purchased these frames from a thrift store a long…time ago. If I remember right, I paid $3.00 for them. When I purchased them, they were painted gold and had these cute vintage teacup prints in them. One was marked AVON on the back and in my research I found that…

  • Creating Christmas Tags from Scraps

    Christmas Tags with Scraps and Free SVG File Today we’re making Christmas tags from scraps. Tags are a way to use up bits and pieces of your stash. Today I’ve cut these little tags in Silhouette Studio from a file I created myself in Inkscape.  At 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ these tags are the perfect size for a small gift or package and they are so cute when finished. Christmas is right around the corner and these tags are so simple to make. You’ll be pulling out scraps to make your very own.  Only Three Pieces The beauty of these little tags is that they are only three pieces.…