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Quick and Easy Valentine Mini Gift Bags

Today we’ll be making our quick and easy Valentine mini gift bag with heat transfer vinyl and these small cotton muslin bags. Use them to package your favorite Valentine’s Day Treat for family and friends.

These mini gift bags are wonderful to have on hand for Valentine’s treats and small gifts. Using heat transfer vinyl and a small muslin bag makes this a fun, fast Valentine’s Day project.

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Simple Muslin Bag and So Versatile

Simple muslin gift bags can be turned into small gift bags for SO many occasions. Plus they are so versatile. They can be painted, stenciled, screen printed, and have heat transfer vinyl applied.

You can decorate them to sell in an Etsy shop or craft booth. You could customize them with your logo and send them along as a small thank you gift with products you sell online.

I think they’d make a great way to package soaps, handmade jewelry, ornaments, and more. The really neat thing is that these are less than $1.00 each and turn out almost as sweet as the gift itself.

How do you make a Valentine’s Day mini gift bag from a muslin favor bag?

I’ve included a link to a simple SVG that you can use for your bag.

You can check out my post on How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl for some more hints and tips.

A few things to keep in mind when cutting heat transfer vinyl:

  • Usually, the shiny side is the carrier sheet and goes down when placing the vinyl on your cutting mat before cutting.
  • Be sure to mirror your design before cutting.
  • Do test cuts before you cut so that you don’t ruin any vinyl.

You can upload this design into your cutting machine program, or create your own design. You’ll find the link to the SVG later in the post.

Muslin Gift Bag Design in Silhouette Studio for Valentine's Day

Cut your design from your heat transfer vinyl. The vinyl that I used for this project comes from HTVRont and I purchased it from Amazon. Don’t let the low price on this vinyl scare you! It’s a great quality product and I’ve used it on many projects already.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to MIRROR your image before cutting!!

Once you are done cutting your image, you are ready to “weed” your vinyl. Weeding is simply removing the excess vinyl that you don’t want to appear on your design.

photo of weeding vinyl for Quick and Easy Muslin Gift Bag
Pressing Mini Muslin Bag

Before I transfer my vinyl to the muslin bag, I like to give it a quick press. This helps remove any wrinkles and moisture. It’s so dry in our house it’s doubtful that there is any moisture to remove, but for best results, I still do the recommended steps.

Once you’re done weeding, and pressing, place your design on your bag. The carrier sheet will still be attached to your vinyl. This will hold your design in place while you get ready to press and protect the vinyl while pressing.

placing valentine vinyl on muslin bag

Now you can use a Teflon sheet or a piece of parchment paper while pressing your bag. For these small projects, and when I’m using my Cricut Easy Press Mini, I just press my mini gift bag with the carrier sheet.

Do not press directly on your vinyl without the carrier sheet or another protective sheet.

Pressing vinyl design on cotton muslin bag with Easy Press Mini

The Cricut Easy Press Mini doesn’t cover the entire design, so I simply move it from one place to the next. Then I apply gentle pressure for about 10 seconds, move to another spot, and press. I do this until the entire design adheres.

This is a cool peel vinyl. Once your design has cooled a little, then slowly lift your carrier sheet.

heat transfer vinyl on muslin bag removing carrier sheet

Finished Valentine Mini Gift Bags!

I made several of these mini gift bags. The process goes quickly and easily.

If you make this project, feel free to share it in our FB crafting group. If you want to join this small but growing community, you can join here. We would love to have more people who want to share their projects with us!

photo of 3 finished quick and easy Valentine mini gift bags
Pinterest pin for Quick and Easy Valentine Gift Bags

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