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Six Weeks Saying “No!” to New Craft Supplies

Six Weeks Without Buying New Craft Supplies

Could you go six weeks?  Why would you want to? 

The other day I sat down and make the tea towel that I make from my stash. Today I got out my Cricut and made Christmas tags. I had all the materials at home, and I didn’t have to buy a thing.

Let’s talk about how I came to this decision to say “No!” to new craft supplies for 6 weeks.

I’m Thankful for What I Have

My first one really comes from a heart of gratitude for what I have and what my husband provides for our family.

Small amounts of money add up. Soon $10 here, or $20 there turns into hundreds. When I look around my little corner of creativity, there are all sorts of supplies and many aren’t getting used. 

I’m not sure I can continue to justify buying new things, and leaving them unused.

Time can be a big factor in not using up those craft supplies that I purchased with good intentions. But that being the case, maybe I don’t really have time for shopping either.

A goal to save money on craft supplies is a win, win situation. I’ve shared before, how I like to shop my own stash.

Setting this challenge for my self, will get me started at saving some of our hard-earned money and using it for a bigger long-term goal. Plus challenging myself to use up some of my stash, is really an exercise in creativity.

Because I have a phone app that offers me coupons to a favorite craft supply store I have a constant reminder that there are deals out there. It’s like a carrot dangling in front of my face, or chocolate if you prefer. Maybe I could save 50%, but now I spent $30 to do it…

It can be a real addiction to go out and spend, look at the bottom line of a receipt and see that you saved X-amount. But did I really save anything?

Several months later I find myself asking, “Why did I buy that?” and “What can I do with it?”

It’s a BIG Problem

I walk through thrift stores all the time and check their craft supplies section often. It’s common to find patterns that were never used, half completed kits, or a bunch of stamps that originally retailed for $20 or more. The problem is universal.

I’ve been on Facebook group boards where women, just like me, talk about hiding their crafting purchases from their husbands because they don’t want him to find out how much they spent.

I’ve done it myself. Finally, I had to ask myself, “Is this really the way I want to live?”

It’s Okay to Have a Supply Stash

Granted, everyone has a stash. I don’t have any problem with a stash. We all need the tools and supplies to do whatever job we’re going to do.

However, I feel like when the stash is starting to outgrow it’s boundaries and I can’t find what I’m looking for, I can’t get it organized. It’s time to rethink…

Curing A Sense of Overwhelm

Not only are things getting cluttered, but I also have a hard time making a decision about what to make. It has a real negative effect. I go online in search of inspiration, and it’s even more overwhelming. Sometimes I get more done when left to visualize a project on my own.

What’s The Goal?

Every where I look, everyone is making stuff. I enjoy watching video tutorials, but I’ve often thought that “If I only had those stamps, that paper, and more neat tools….”

There are lots of neat tools within my reach. I’m blessed with skills and abilities to make neat things. In this month of thanksgiving, I need to start thinking about gratitude. I want to make things that my family will love and share precious time with them.

How about you? Has your stash outgrown your crafting area? Are you overwhelmed with the clutter?

Have you felt like you’ve spent more on craft supplies than on groceries? Did you have to hide new purchases from your family because you knew you spent too much?

I’m not here to be your conscience or make you feel guilty! I simply wanted to share a few of my own thoughts and maybe help you if this is an area where you are struggling as well.

Maybe you’ll want to make this your own personal challenge!

I can’t promise an easy road. It hasn’t been quite a week for me and I know there’s a long way to go. But at the same time, it’s been a little freeing. I’ve already been more productive in a lot of ways. It’s something to think about..

Thanks so much for listening to what’s been on my heart.

Do something creative today! Then enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you made something special for your home, family and friends.

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