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How to Save Money Crafting

5 Ways to Craft on a Budget

Crafting is a wonderful thing! But craft supplies can be a budget breaker unless you think about ways to save money. 

Do you ever get home feeling like you need to hide the bag of supplies you just purchased? Does your hubby roll his eyes at the mere mention of a trip to the craft store?

Today I’m sharing a few of my own hints and tips to help you save money and still enjoy your crafty adventures.

Reuse and Recycle

So often we throw away great crafting supplies without even thinking about it. Glass bottles can be turned into lovely accent pieces, pallet wood can be turned into signs, cereal boxes can be turned into gift tags and embellishments and the list could go on and on.

Recycling jars, coffee cans, and other items are also a great way to store and organize some of your supplies.

How to save money with recycled crafts
cardbooard gift tag with Cricut Maker
Gift tag from recycled cardboard

Shop Thrift Stores

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This holds very true for buying craft supplies at your local thrift stores. Knitting needles, crochet hooks, fabric,  rubber stamps, vintage buttons, and so much more can be purchased for so much less than if you purchased them new. Often times there are used craft magazines that can provide lots of inspiration.

Look for things that can be used for storage and organizing. What about an old tackle box, card file box, binders, and other items for organizing your craft room.

Old housewares, frames, and even men’s oversized shirts can get a whole new look. 

I once made a piece of subway art from half of an old silverware case. I removed the hinges, filled the screw holes with wood filler, and painted it for a sign. My daughter still has it hanging in her house.

Thrift stores are also great from the standpoint that you’re often supporting community efforts when you shop at them.

how to shop thrift stores for craft supplies
Thrifted Stamps to cute card
quote on round sign
Old home decor sign that was painted and made new

Shop Your Stash

We all have them right? The “stash” of stuff in our basements or craft rooms. That’s why thrift stores are so great for picking up craft supplies. People are ready to start over, move on, update… That needlepoint kit you bought 15 years ago, just doesn’t go with your decor any longer and now it’s out the door.

Patterned paper scraps from old card projects can be used for tags and embellishments. Pieces of felt can be turned into felt flowers. Use your leftover beads, fabric, and other supplies. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

hoop Christmas ornament
Mini hoop ornament with fabric and heat transfer vinyl
save money crafting by shopping your stash
Tags made from scraps patterned paper
photo of gift tags made with cardstock scraps
Tags from cardstock scraps

Think Outside the Box

Re-purposing is another way to save money when you’re crafting. The little gift packages above are really coffee filters that have been stamped and are ready to fill with goodies. Many crafters are turning to places like Dollar Tree and are turning out some very cool crafts with ordinary items they find.

Learn to think about everyday items in new ways!

photo of thrifty gift packages from cone coffee filters
Cone coffee filter gift packaging
Pallet Wood Christmas Ornaments

Shop Discount Stores, Sales and Use Coupons

The major crafting retailers have coupons all the time. Check websites for sales. Sign up for the app or the flyer. Make a list of supplies or tools that you would love to get. Now, wait until you have that 50% off coupon to get some of those goodies. A paper trimmer or automatic tape gun is a nice item to save for, but using the 40% or 50% off coupon multiplies those savings very quickly.

Some of the more pricey items are the ones that take your crafting to a new level, but the sales and coupon deals are certainly worth watching for.

I hope that I’ve given you a few ways to save money on crafting. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are still many ways to enjoy crafting. Remember the creative journey is yours. Have fun and keep on creating!

how to save money crafting

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