Trash to Treasure Holiday Sign

This Trash to Trash to Treasure Holiday Sign saves foam block packaging from the land fill. Add foam board, burlap, and your Silhouette Cameo to create this cute project.

trash to treasure holiday sign

I love using what I have on hand to create projects that I can use to decorate for holidays and special occasions. What’s more, I love to do them on the cheap!

How to Save Money Crafting

How much cheaper can you get than less than $1.00 in materials?

That’s right. Most of the stuff used to make this sign was already in my craft stash. I purchased burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree and have enough left over for another project or even to wrap a package.

Looking for ways to re-purpose and re-cycle is always on my list. I also work with kids through 4-H. I’m always trying to research crafts to teach at our annual “Family Learning” days.

These are always free or inexpensive projects that families can afford.

You might not believe that the front of this sign is stenciled foam board from the Dollar Tree.

The front was painted with chalkboard paint and then stenciled with Waverly Chalk paint. This is totally do-able.

There is one trick you need to know though: Be sure to prime your chalkboard with chalk or you won’t be able to remove your stencil without making a mess. I tried it both ways, so that you don’t have to make that mistake.

Instead of writing a full tutorial for this project, I’ve made a YouTube video.

Was it easier to make a video? I don’t know. I need a new camera and some better lighting before I can make that determination. I’m not gonna lie. It wasn’t the easiest.

Plus I’m still in the beginning stages of learning how to edit video and am not totally sure what I’m doing.

So this is my first face-on-screen video. If you’ve watched any other videos, I’m always behind the screen doing Silhouette Studio software tutorials. Shy by nature, I’m not totally sure if I’ll do another video like this. We’ll see. Everyone has to start somewhere.

So feel free to check out the video. This is really a super easy project and would be a fun one to do with your kids. There isn’t too much to worry about because you’re spending so little on materials

But I think the end result is so cute! I hope you’ll give it a try.

Take Me to the Video

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Thanks for joining me today and enjoy crafting!


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