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The Lord is My Shepherd Coloring Page

Hey there, young artists and Bible enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to bring you a brand-new addition to our collection of kids’ Bible coloring pages. This time, we’re diving into the comforting and reassuring words of Psalm 23:1 (KJV): “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

As your little ones embark on this coloring adventure, encourage them to reflect on the significance of having the Lord as their shepherd. The promise that “I shall not want” speaks volumes about God’s provision and care.

The Lord is my Shepherd Coloring Page

Discussion Points to Explore:

  1. Reflecting on God’s Guidance:
    • Read the entire text of Psalm 23 with your child. Allow some time for sharing moments where they felt God’s guidance and care in their lives. What is a shepherd? How does envisioning God as a shepherd make them feel?
  2. Understanding “I shall not want”:
    • Dive into a conversation about contentment and God’s abundant provision. What does it mean to lack nothing when the Lord is our shepherd?
  3. Creativity Challenge: Visualizing the Shepherd:
    • Inspire your young artists to visualize God as their shepherd. Encourage them to add any special details that make them feel safe and loved with the Lord as their shepherd. This creative activity not only enhances their artistic skills but also helps them connect with the joy of Psalm 23:1 in a way that’s tailored just for them!

Remember, coloring is not just a creative activity; it’s a chance to connect with the teachings of the Bible in a delightful way. Download the coloring page HERE and let the children bring the vibrant colors of Psalm 23 to life.

You may also use the button below to take you to our Coloring Pages Library. You’ll find this page and all our coloring pages in one convenient place.

May this coloring page be a cherished addition to your family’s exploration of the timeless truths found in the pages of scripture. Keep an eye out for more exciting Bible coloring pages coming your way!

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