Psalm 147:4 Kids Coloring Page

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He Calls Them All By Their Names

Today I’m sharing this Psalm 147:4 Kids’ coloring page with you. If you’ve a few of the previous posts, you’ll know that I started creating these as I worked in Adobe Illustrator.  This is the last page that I’ll be sharing with you for now. I do, however, have other ideas twirling around in my head. 

This was a bit of fun in the making. I’m trying to learn how to trace my drawings using the pen tool and make them curve the way that I want them to. I’ve watched a number of Youtube videos and they all make it look so easy. I do have to say that it is getting a little bit easier.

One of My Favorite Scripture Verses

The focus of this coloring page is on the verse from Psalm 147.  In the King James Version it reads, “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

The next verse really tells us how Great God is!

“Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.”

These are some of my favorite scripture verses and they speak of the awesome power of our mighty God.

Our family loves to go camping and one of my personal favorites when we’re out there is all the stars we can see.  We can’t even begin to see them all, yet he knows them! What an amazing thought.

Some night when you’re outside with your kiddos or grand kiddos, and you look at the amazing night sky,  share with them how God knows the names of each and every star he created.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these kids coloring pages. Click on the photo below to get this page in PDF format and feel free to print them for your personal use.

See you again soon!



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