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    Psalm 147:4 Kids Coloring Page

    He Calls Them All By Their Names Today I’m sharing this Psalm 147:4 Kids’ coloring page with you. If you’ve a few of the previous posts, you’ll know that I started creating these as I worked in Adobe Illustrator.  This is the last page that I’ll be sharing with you for now. I do, however, have other ideas twirling around in my head. 

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    Matthew 5:16 Kids Coloring Page Welcome back friends. Today I wanted to share with the the second of my kids coloring pages that I created. This one is based on Matthew 5:16.

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    Psalm 96 Kid’s Printable Coloring Page

    Kid’s Printable Coloring Page Psalm 96  “Sing to the LORD”     Hey friends! I love creating for home and family. Today I wanted to share one of my latest creations with you. There will be a link below if you want to print out this page for your personal use. This coloring page started out as a project to help me learn Adobe Illustrator and so far I’m having lots of fun learning. I wanted to bring a couple of my drawing ideas to life, and decided to make some coloring pages for my grand children.

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    Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I wanted to share these printable Christmas gift tags. The bright colors make these so adorable! I like to use plain Kraft paper or plain white for wrapping. I think you could go for a non-traditional look with pink polkadots. Wouldn’t that look cute for like a Christmas in July party?? Now I know that there isn’t a “To” or “From” on the front of these. Wanna know why? It’s because I like to try and keep the names on packages from being too noticeable. Hey! If someone is going to snoop, then let them look at the back of the tag. Cut these…

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    Free Daily Planner Printable

    Free Daily Planner Printable ​ You have many things to do every day and balancing those tasks can be a challenge. It’s a proven fact that writing down your goals helps to increase productivity. You can use my Free Daily Planner Printable to help you keep track of your to-do-list and have a successful day. It really helps me to focus on what is important. There are appointments, errands to run, cleaning to do and a vacation to prepare for. Before you know it, school will be in session again. It’s so easy to get sidetracked. This is a lovely printable that you can use. Feel free to download this…

  • Bible Study Note Sheets

    The Bible study note sheet has been one of the favorite posts on my blog, and I wanted to thank each of you for using these and sharing them with others. The word of God is so important in our lives, and daily focused study is a way for us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, so that we can share the good news of the gospel with others. The last sheet created is the March 2018 or spring note sheet. As I create new sheets, I will share them in separate posts. For now I’ve grouped the current versions them for your convenience. I’ve also…