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Prayer Journal Printable

A prayer journal can take on many forms. You can write in a diary format as a letter to God, or you could jot down some reminders of things you want to pray about. Today I’m sharing a prayer journal printable that I created. You may download this printable and print as many pages as you want or need.

Benefits of a Prayer Journal

There are many benefits to using a prayer journal. Creating a prayer journal provides a physical space and time where you may safely pour out your heart before God and reflect on the day’s events. I find that simply jotting down a few things helps me to focus my prayers during my morning devotions.

Prayer journals are used by people who want to be more intentional about their prayer life. Sometimes they can help us grow in our faith when we are going through difficult times.

Journaling can provide a renewed sense of strength as we focus our minds on God’s word and bring out prayer life to paper.

About This Prayer Journal Printable

I’ve used some soft colors and florals for this printable. There is a gratitude section and some optional note areas. You can write down a verse you want to meditate on, and write down things you want to pray about.

Is there someone you want to encourage? You can pray about how you might do that. I’ve included a section for this as well.

If you like this printable, please be sure to comment. If you have any other sections or ideas that you would like to see, please be sure to share them too.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next time!

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