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You have many things to do every day and balancing those tasks can be a challenge. It’s a proven fact that writing down your goals helps to increase productivity. You can use my Free Daily Planner Printable to help you keep track of your to-do-list and have a successful day.

It really helps me to focus on what is important. There are appointments, errands to run, cleaning to do and a vacation to prepare for. Before you know it, school will be in session again. It’s so easy to get sidetracked.

This is a lovely printable that you can use. Feel free to download this PDF file from the link below.

I Designed this Planner to Brighten Your Day

The peachy orange floral will brighten up your summer and even take you into the fall. I’ve kept this planning page simple so that you can use it as you please.

Included is a “Remember” area that could be used for anything you want to keep track of. Maybe you want to remind your child to practice their music lesson or remember something you wanted to tell your hubby when he gets home from work. I wanted to make this planner page user friendly, therefore I was a little non-specific about some of the categories.

Since a successful day often includes a meal plan, I’ve included a meal plan reminder on this sheet.

Cleaning isn’t less of a priority, so it was placed at the top, yet fewer lines help to prioritize those things that are most important. Who needs the overwhelm when you’re already busy?

The “To Do” list also allows for some freedom. I didn’t make specific areas for each type of “to do”.

I hope my free printable daily planner helps you to enjoy the rest of your summer keeps you focused.  Thank you for stopping by and have a productive and fabulous week!

 Link to your Free Printable


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