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Quick and Easy Bat Garland with Cricut

This time of year, many people are looking for a little extra spooky décor to add to their home. If you’re looking for a simple, yet spooky, decoration, look no further than this Quick and Easy Bat Garland with Cricut! This garland is perfect for anyone who loves bats, or just wants a little extra spooky flair in their home.

To tell you the truth, bats can be a little scary and not because they are spooky! We once had one get in the house and they are not easy to remove. I know I let out a few screams that night! I have to admit though that they are pretty fascinating creatures and I wouldn’t have a problem adding them to my décor for Halloween.

To make your bat garland, you will need a few tools and supplies:

Once you have your materials, head over to Cricut Design Space and open the project. The bats are approximately 6″-6.6″ wide. You can scale them larger or smaller if you wish.

You could also choose bat images from Cricut Access to create a bat garland, but I created these bats from basic shapes, so they should be FREE without needing Cricut Access.

Bat Garland Cricut Design Space

The above picture shows you what these bats look like in Cricut Design Space. In the picture below, you’ll want to look high and to the left and the area where it says “Project copies”. You can toggle that arrow to make as many copies of this project as you want.

Then you’ll want to drop down just a little to select your “Material Size”. If you are using 12″x12″ then you can leave the material size as it is. If you are using 8 1/2″x 11 like I did, then you’ll want to use the dropdown to change your material size. Then click on continue to select your materials and finish the cutting process.

Bat Garland Cricut Send Panel

Once the bats are cut out, it’s time to assemble the garland. Simply take your string or twine and start threading the bats on. You can space them out as much or as little as you’d like.

This project is so quick and easy that you can easily make it the night before Halloween or your party. It’s also a great project for kids, as they can help with the stringing of the bats. So get into the Halloween spirit with this fun and easy project!

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