free menu planner printables

Free Menu Planner Printable

and Recipe Notebook Page Healthy eating is a very important part of raising a healthy family. As a mom of eight, I can certainly vouch for this. But no matter what size your family, planning for healthy meals can be a chore. Am I right? I don’t know about many of you but do you[Read more]

Fresh Lemonade SVG Freebie

Hello all! Today I wanted to share one of the latest SVG files that I created. I don’t know about you, but after the long winter we’ve had I’m ready to start thinking about warmer temperatures. And you know what one of my favorites is when warm weather gets here? You guessed it. Fresh Lemonade![Read more]

dxf import fixed

DXF Import Fixed Silhouette Studio

I nearly did a happy dance when I opened Silhouette Studio and saw the “DXF Import Fixed” note that said files would now import successfully. The business edition is my best friend. I don’t need the DXF, so you might wonder why I was excited. Just a note: Since this was written and since the[Read more]

“Bless This Nest” Reverse Canvas DIY

Have you seen the signs using the reverse canvas method? These home decor signs are so cute and trendy. Today I’m sharing my own reverse canvas project using a canvas that I bought from the Dollar Tree.

doodle drawing tips

Doodle Drawing Tips and Ideas

Today I wanted to share with you some quick tips and hints for doodle drawing. You might have read this post the other day. Did it inspire you to do a little drawing of your own? Explore Doodle Drawing I know that for myself I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the whole concept of[Read more]


Explore Doodle Drawing

Do you remember those long days in elementary school when your pencil turned to the edge of your page and you started to doodle in the margin? I certainly do! Where was the place that you started in that margin? Was it a top corner? Did you doodle flowers around the holes in your loose[Read more]