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DXF Import Fixed Silhouette Studio

Why You Should Check for Software Updates

I nearly did a happy dance when I opened Silhouette Studio and saw the “DXF Import Fixed” note that said files would now import successfully. The business edition is my best friend. I don’t need the DXF, so you might wonder why I was excited.

Just a note: Since this was written and since the release of the Silhouette Cameo 4, I understand that there may be problems with using your older Cameo machines with newer versions of the software. You may want to continue to use the legacy versions if you have problems. I’m still using 4.2.471 for my Cameo 3. If you have questions, be sure to contact Silhouette America.

As the owner of an Etsy shop, I want to give my customers the very best service. I’m sort of new to creating SVG files. When someone buys from me, of course I don’t want them to open their DXF file-if they have the standard version-and have it corrupted.

I use Adobe Illustrator to design my files and was pleased with one of my new files. But I like to check each version of the cut file before posting them to my shop. I was just a bit upset when I imported the DXF. It wasn’t something I would want to sell.

So I thought maybe I did something wrong in Illustrator. But no matter how hard I tried to troubleshoot, the situation just got worse.

So I tried to research why the DXF file was bad.

After spending a good half hour trying to figure out why the DXF file import wasn’t working, this is what I found out.

It wasn’t a problem that was unique to those using Adobe Illustrator. There was a whole thread on an Inkscape forum about it as well.

I started to be suspicious that it was a software problem. In the end I actually did find out that it was a software problem.

Now I was faced with a few choices.

  • List the files on Etsy and leave the DXF out.
  • Sell the DXF along with the files and let the buyer trace the PNG version.
  • Let the DXF go “as is” and do some sort of disclaimer in the description.

I’m going to show you just a little screen shot of one of the problem areas and let you judge for yourself.

dxf import fixed silhouette studio
dxf import fixed silhouette studio

So as you can see the one to the left of your screen looks pretty jagged. I actually added anchor points in Adobe Illustrator before I imported the file. I also tried some point editing to see how difficult it would be to fix.

It wasn’t pretty, even after the added anchor points and it took what seemed like an eternity to load into Silhouette studio.

In the photo on the right side, you can see the improvement when importing the DXF. This is after I did the update and restarted the program. This IS the exact same DXF file.

So I still had the problem of the long load time which I fixed by going back to my original file and then exporting as a DXF again. Problem solved!

Thank you Silhouette for coming through for your customers and fixing the bug!

DXF Import Fixed! Be sure to get those updates.

So be sure to check for those software updates. You can do that by going to the Silhouette America website and clicking on Update Software. You can get to Silhouette America in your browser or from the Silhouette Studio help menu.

Also be sure to grab the right platform, Windows or Mac. You can also read the notes as to what was fixed in each version. Then just follow the prompts to update your software.

Now if you’re a standard version Silhouette Studio user, you can be more confident about those files you purchase outside Silhouette Studio.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful and creative day!

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