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Create Scrap Wood Hearts

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Scrap Wood Hearts with DIY Reusable Stencils

scrap wood heart decor

These little scrap wood hearts were super easy to make. They would work great for tiered tray decor, shelf, centerpiece or mantel.

My husband has been working on an entry way project for our son’s house. It’s made completely from pallet wood. Of course there are scraps, right?

Yep, I’ve been grabbing scraps for some of my own projects.

Last fall when Hubby and I were on a day off together, we stopped by our local Habitat Re-Store. When I saw a Craftsman scroll saw there, I was like a kid in a toy store. I’d been wanting one for a long time.

Of course it didn’t take long before I discovered that I could make scroll saw patterns in Silhouette Studio.

Creating a Heart Cut File with Silhouette Studio

heart pattern in Silhouette Studio

Now you may know that I had started a YouTube channel some time back and one of the first videos I made was “How to Draw a Heart in Silhouette Studio.”

You can link to that video HERE.

This is a no weld method that uses only one shape for the creating the heart. It’s the most watched video on my small channel and continues to grow in views daily!

So I made my heart in Silhouette Studio and rotated it 45 degrees counter clockwise as shown in the photo. Then I used point editing to create one flat side for my heart to sit on.

I was able to cut a little paper scroll saw pattern or template. This was approximately 3″.

close up of wood

I lined up that flat side to the side of my board and then traced out my cutting line.

Taking this to the scroll saw, I cut out my hearts.

close up of scroll saw cut wood

If you’ve been using power tools for awhile, you probably don’t need to be told to use safety glasses and a mask. This stuff gets pretty dusty and your eyes and lungs will thank you down the road.

Now we’re ready to paint and stencil your hearts. I used Waverly Crimson for my red. Then I used Waverly White and Crimson to mix my own pink.

close up of painted wood hearts

Creating the Stencil

scrap wood heart stencils

I added some text to my hearts using the font STENCIL by Gerry Powell. I liked the look of this font, but because all the letters for these two words are open, you could certainly use any font. (This is not an affiliate link, but for your information only)

In my stash of “stuff” I had some transparency film that had been purchased at the thrift store. I actually have an old overhead projector.

Since it has been replaced with other technology, I bet there are people who have never seen an overhead projector. What do you think? Is it totally a thing of the past?

I have to admit that we have an interesting collection of artifacts around here.

Transparency Film

So I used some of the transparency film to cut my stencils. I’m used to using vinyl stencils with my Cameo, so this was definitely an experiment.

Transparency film

This transparency film is very pricey, but you may be able to find a good substitute is you’re interested in reusable stencils.

Jesus Loves Me Pallet Wood Sign

100 Ideas for Small Signs

Cut Settings

Silhouette Studio cut settings

For the cut settings I used:

  • Stencil Material
  • Auto Blade
  • Speed 3
  • Force 33
  • Passes 2

If you try this technique, you may want to do some test cutting, but this cut perfectly on my Cameo with these settings. You can see that I’ve already used them once in the photo.

do it yourself stencils

I used a little masking tape to tape my stencils to the hearts and then used a makeup sponge for stenciling. You want to dab off most of your paint first, then use a very light pouncing motion to prevent bleeds under the stencil.

close up of stenciled hearts

Even though the wood was sanded thoroughly, it is still a bit rough. But using just a small amount of paint and dabbing lightly with the sponge, you still get a nice result.

close up of scrap wood hearts

That’s it for these scrap wood hearts with reusable stencils. Don’t be afraid to try some reusable stencils of your own.

If you are looking for the creative flexibility of a new cutting machine, be sure to check out the Cameo 4 HERE.

Enjoy this project? Be sure to save it with this Pinterest image.

Pinterest image stenciled hearts

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