Beginners Guide to Handcrafted Cards

Two simple cards made from basic supplies and one stamp set.

It’s difficult for me to walk into a store and pick out a card. I’m sure it is for many of you as well.

The selection is often very limited, and if you find one that seems to have the perfect graphics and sentiment, you flip it over and gasp at the price. My first thought is “I’d be better off putting that money into the gift.” While there are many beautiful cards out there for purchase, they can be very expensive!

Handmade cards are a wonderful alternative. They are beautiful and many times less expensive than those that are mass produced. Furthermore, someone who takes the time to make a handcrafted card, is giving a little bit of themselves.

So, you’ve received a beautiful, handmade card and you’ve thought, “I wish I could do that!” But you’ve  looked into it and felt overwhelmed by all the choices of supplies and tools. Then that inner voice begins to speak. “I’m not artistic enough for that.”

Perhaps you feel you don’t have time for a hobby, so you forget the whole idea. And the investment, you might feel you could buy lots of commercial cards for the cost of a few of those pricey tools.

It doesn’t have to be like that!  I want to share with you how you a few basic tips that can take it up a level and turn a relatively small investment into cards that will be loved by those who receive them.

While you could jump in with a pack of card stock, scissors and basic glue, over the next few blog episodes, I want to share with you a few tips and tricks for making beautiful cards at home.

My Favorite Basic Tool

One of the tools that you’ll get the most use out of if you make handmade cards, is a paper trimmer. If all you have is a scissors, pencil and ruler, by all means don’t wait to get started at crafting. But if you want to take your cards to the next level, a few simple tools will help you to do that.

My first real tool, besides paper and a few stamps, was this paper trimmer. I actually have two paper trimmers, but if you’re crafting on a budget, this is an excellent way to get started. You’ll be able to cut and 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of card stock into two card bases, cut simple layers of patterned paper and card stock, and make simple cards, yet beautiful cards.

Choose a Quality Adhesive

The second tool I want to recommend today is a good adhesive. This is the one I’m currently using, and it’s easy to use, durable and refills are available. This product is available in some of  my local big box stores in the craft section. I also use a Scotch Advance Tape Glider, and it’s a great tool, but if you’re just getting started, a simple adhesive is certainly a great option.

I’ll be sharing more on the topic of card making over the next several days, but for now, I wanted to leave you with just a couple of thoughts.

First and foremost, don’t worry about being perfect.

There are many great card makers out there, who are willing to give you tips and advice. You’ll learn so much from watching videos and reading tutorials. Absorb, enjoy, learn, but don’t get carried away. You don’t need a craft room full of supplies to make great cards for your family and friends. 

Look for inspiration, but make it your own.

If you are a Pinterest user, as I’m sure most people are these days, you’ll find just tons of ideas. But maybe you don’t have the supplies to make the exact card you see. Use the design elements and the supplies you have. We’re individuals with unique tastes and levels of talent. Be yourself!
If you’re a beginning card maker, I hope this little chat helps. I hope you’ll stop by soon as I talk about more tips and techniques for card making. Thanks for stopping by and have fun creating for your home and family.
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