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New Farm Fresh Milk & Cream SVG

Do you like farmhouse decor? Then you might want to check out the latest SVG in our Free SVG Library! When you go to download your “Farm Fresh Milk & Cream SVG, be sure to check out the growing number of files. Download your favorites for future projects!

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New Farmhouse Design in SVG Library

I love creating SVG files and I have this one in mind for a special project that I’m working on.

milk and cream svg

Milk Can Memories

When I was in High School, my Dad hauled milk for a small local cheese factory in the mornings and went to another job later in the day. In order to spend time with my busy Dad, my siblings and I used to take turns riding along on his milk route on Saturday mornings. I always loved spending time with him when my turn came around.

This particular business was one of the last around that still used the old milk cans. Whenever I see crafts with old milk cans on Pinterest, it takes me back to those days 45 (or so) years ago.

I wanted to create a farmhouse kitchen design that used an old milk can for a focal point and so I created this design.

You can find this SVG in the Free SVG library under the Farmhouse Designs.

Be sure to check out the growing number of designs in the library.

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We are now offering only the SVG files for each design. Previous designs will continue to have other file types. Are you working with Silhouette Studio Standard Edition? Swing Design has some of the best prices on upgrades. Check HERE to upgrade to the Designer edition so you can use all your favorite Free SVG files.

What do you think of the “Farm Fresh Milk & Cream” SVG?

Would you add other elements, or leave it as is?

I’d love to hear your comments! If you make a project with these free SVG files, be sure to tag me on Instagram @cjsayitwithsimplicity. I’d love to see your farmhouse projects!

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