• love-lives-here-vector-graphic

    Love Lives Here Free SVG File

      My Etsy shop is up and running and I’m enjoying the creative process of making new files to sell. Today I’m sharing a free “Love Lives Here” SVG file in celebration. Since we’re just a week away from Valentine’s Day, a little bit of Valentine theme was in order. However, you really could use this any time of year.    

  • rustic-valentine-cardboard-craft

    Rustic Valentine Cardboard Craft

    If you have kids who want to craft, this Rustic Valentine Cardboard Craft might just be something you want to try. I started down the cardboard craft trail a little while back when I was asked to teach a workshop at our county 4-H Family Learning Day. Remember the cardboard snowmen ornaments that I shared on the blog. They’re another inspiration piece that I’ll likely share in the workshop.       Why Cardboard Craft? All my life I’ve been taught the 4-H motto, “To make the best better.”  Teaching meaningful life skills, stewardship of  our environment, and just plain having fun…all play a key roll in making the best BETTER.…

  • Sew Your Own Muslin Bags

    Making your own muslin bags like you find in craft stores is much easier than you think. Once finished, they can be stamped, stenciled or have heat transfer vinyl applied. This is a very simple sewing project and a money saving option that doesn’t take much time. Hope you’ll follow along and maybe make some of your own. Make Your Own Muslin Bags for Crafting When finished these adorable muslin bags are approximately 3×5 inches. You could make them any size, but this is a nice size for a  party favor or other small gift. The neat thing is that you can sort of streamline the process and make several…