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Explore Doodle Drawing

Today we’re going to explore doodle drawing. Anyone can draw a doodle–kids, adults, and amateur artists alike. Let’s grab a pen and learn more about this fun and relaxing art form.

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Do you remember those long days in elementary school when your pencil turned to the edge of your page and you started to doodle in the margin?

I certainly do! Where was the place that you started in that margin?

Was it a top corner? Did you doodle flowers around the holes in your loose-leaf paper?

Maybe doodling takes you back to the first time you learned about perspective in art class. Did you learn how to draw those little 3D boxes? Then you worked hard to impress your friends with your newly found art skills.

I know that as about a 4th grader, kids were drawing big bubble letters. Love and Peace were pretty commonly seen on book covers, sides of buildings, or temporarily “tattooed” on someone’s arm. My point is this…

Whether you think you are artistic or not, there probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t done some type of doodling. Am I right?

I love the library!

Now before you think, Whoah! She totally changed the subject here. Let’s be clear. I’m still talking about doodling. I’ll tell you how I got on this subject.

My favorite part of the library is the new book section. I bet your library has one too. It’s totally the first place I go when I walk into the library.

As someone who loves to explore different art and crafts, this book caught my eye. Yep, this is an affiliate link, but it’s a great book. Definitely look for it at your library before you buy a copy.

As a former homeschool mom, and later teaching assistant, I totally love working with kids. Even though my own are grown, I still do community work through 4-H and usually teach a couple of classes at our local 4-H Family Learning Day.

My next Family Learning Day workshop is…

You probably guessed it! That’s right. Doodle Drawing.

Why Do People Doodle?

One article that I read said that doodle drawing relieves stress, giving the brain a break to be able to absorb more information. So while that teacher, who may have thought you were just being unproductive and making a messy paper…wrong! Well, enough on that.

Another article stated some of the following reasons people doodle.

  • Relieves boredom
  • Creative safety valve during stress
  • Assists us during our thinking and planning stages of a project.

So if someone is doodling and you think they’re not listening, think again!

But What if I’m NOT Good at Art?

Now I love to create, and like many of you, I don’t consider myself to be that much of an artist. But I do love to learn and I enjoy sharing what I learn with others.

I’m also very practical. If I’m going to go to all that work to draw something, I want to make the most of it. So here are a few doodle note cards that I made. For this one, I punched a hole with a one-inch punch in the corner of the card.

Then I drew the sunny little rays. I colored my little punch out, drew a smiley face, and then popped it up on some foam tape right in the spot I punched it from. Here’s the thing though. I’m going to show you a few more cards.

They aren’t perfect, but they are bright, lively, fun, and totally my own creation. What’s not to love! Plus you don’t have to be an artist to make them.


So now I took a little bit of that paper scrap I was talking about. I had just a little snippet of white card stock. I drew the tulip and matted it with another snippet of kraft cardstock. Then I just used a super simple card sketch and some patterned paper to make a simple card.

Now I have a card that could be used for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or even a thank you note.

Doodle drawing helps me to stretch my supply of stamps. I have quite a few stamps. What I don’t have is lots of room for stamps. So I can save some room and some bucks by turning some of these simple drawings into cute handmade cards.


You could also use your doodles for your Bullet Journal, scrapbooks or gift tags!

My Favorite Supplies for Doodles

While you can doodle with any kind of pen or pencil, I have special pens that I like to use for card crafting with my doodles.

The Sakura Micron Pens are probably my favorite. They are long-lasting, the archival ink doesn’t smudge and they come in a variety of thicknesses for your doodle projects. I probably use the 01 size pen the most.

Any unlined paper will suffice for your doodle practice. You could certainly step it up to a sketch pad if you like. For most of my card projects, I use the letter size 110# cardstock.

Share your projects on Facebook!

I’d love to have you join the Facebook group. Join the crafting group and showcase any doodle projects or other projects that you would like to share.

Thanks for stopping by today and have an awesome and creative day!

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