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<img src=”sewing-fleece-mittnes-post.jpg” alt=“Colorful sewn at home fleece mittens”” data-pin-description=”Learning to sew fleece mittens with Craftsy Unlimited #fleece mittens, #diy fleece, #Craftsy class, #sewing with fleece”>Sewing With Fleece

I’ve been sewing for a LONG time! Telling you how long, would almost be like telling you my age. So let’s just keep it at a LONG time.

I love sewing on cottons. I even love a good knit. But one thing I have not sewn with very much is fleece.

My Experience with Fleece

I took a little road trip with fleece years ago and made my kids some simple mittens. I even made my hubby a pair of inserts for his snow shoveling mittens. It was all pretty straight forward, I measured hands, added a bit, rounded off the corners and BINGO, I had my pattern.

You can’t have enough mittens in a house full of 8 kids, and so having a few extras around was a plus. Kids get outside and love to play in the snow. Now you have a bunch of wet mittens and you have to wait for them to dry.  However, I never really graduated from ‘Mitten Making 101’.

Fast Forward

Remember how I told you I’ve been sewing a LONG time. I love to sew! I have several machines, from vintage to computerized. We even have a treadle and it’s one of my favorites. I sometimes wished we had a bigger house. Maybe it’s good that we don’t.

So much for getting sidetracked…

I’ve had a sewing bug lately and I wanted to sew for the grand kiddos.  I love Craftsy and I recently got a Craftsy Unlimited Subscription. I stumbled across a class Sewing With Fleece: Essential Techniques with Pattie Otto.  She grew up in Wisconsin, so she knows about winter and keeping warm.