How to Make a Quick and Easy Birthday Banner

No cut file needed!

Birthday Banner




Hope you’re having a fun and fabulous Friday! This weekend we’re celebrating our grandson’s birthday, and I wanted to share this cute birthday banner, made in Silhouette Cameo.

Back in the day, when my own kids were…well kids…and when I finally had a computer, I used to print out a birthday banner. Remember those greeting card software programs? Seems like a crazy long time ago when we still had a tall tower computer and a big clunky monitor. It was fun messing around with those programs…right?

For birthdays I made my kids their favorite meal and cake so that they would feel special on their birthdays.

I love using my Silhouette Cameo and today I decided to pull out that idea of a birthday banner, but use my Cameo to create it.

I like easy,  and I didn’t want to shop around for a file to make it, so I started with a simple idea, and made up my own.

  • First of all, I drew a rectangle. Not too difficult… If you’re familiar with the cameo, you’re doing this already. rectangle
    You can make this into your own shape by clicking on it twice, and now you have point editing open.
point editing
  • You can see that there’s no point in the mid bottom of the rectangle, but if you just move your cursor on it, and click that center, you create one.

  • Now that you’ve created your point, you can drag that down into your banner shape.

  • If you want this kind of banner, lift up your point with the cursor instead of pulling it down.

  • Resize your banner to further customize the shape. This is just one example. I decided to go with the first shape as you’ll see here in a bit.


  • This may not be an absolutely necessary step, but I decided that I wanted to do an offset, so that I could layer my banner and give it some dimension.

  • Here are the two layers, and I just changed them to blue and white so that I could see what I was working with. The offset piece has been moved from behind and they are now separate pieces.

  • Hit CTRL and the d, and make multiple copies of the shapes. Here I was able to get several of these on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, and cut out enough for my banner. I did the same thing with my white layer. If you really wanted to have some fun and make a more colorful banner, you could make your pieces in different colors. In the end I chose green for my background pieces.

This COLORBOK cardstock has been in my drawer for a long time, and I decided to use some of it to cut the pieces. This is another one of those places you could use up scraps or even patterned paper. I’m sure you’re not as boring as I am!

bright and primary cardstock


Ready to move onto the lettering?

Keep in mind, I’m not showing every single step here, but I wanted to give you a general idea how I made my banner. I’m sure there are other ways of doing things.

  • I typed out the “Happy” and “Birthday” with the text tool and changed them to the Dissentio font. This is a fun and simple font, and I didn’t have to worry about the “middles” of letters. I thought it would make it much easier to glue them all down when assembling the banner. You could use any font. Each letter as a different font would look really cute!


  • Next, I resized and measured against my banner to check my fit.  When I was happy with it, I ungrouped my letters and gave each one a color with the fill tool. I’m off the paper here, but I’m just sizing up my letters. I’ll be moving things around soon!

I just played around until I got what I wanted, and then moved my banners out-of-the-way so I could start cutting letters. Now that didn’t mean I was totally committed to those colors, but I could cut by color when I sent them to the Cameo. I have another grandchild with a birthday coming up, so I cut two of each set using a blade setting of “3”.



  • Once cut, I laid out my pieces, and I decided that despite the bright colors, it was missing something. I ran each white piece through the Cuttlebug with the Happy Birthday folder. Texture makes everything so much better!

embossed with Cuttlebug

  • Everything was glued together with Aleen’s Fast Grab tacky glue. It’s what I had and I knew it would stay glued. I punched holes in the top with a paper punch and they’re not perfectly straight, but oh well!

  • I decided that our little guy was a star, and added these little felt stars to some of the banner panels.

felt stars

The finished banner

I’m not certain I’m going to keep the purple ribbon, but for now you get an idea of the finished product. It turned out really cute, and I can’t wait to put it up at his birthday party.


This is a really simple project. If you have questions feel free to drop me a comment! I would love to hear from you!