Sew Your Own Muslin Bags

Making your own muslin bags like you find in craft stores is much easier than you think. Once finished, they can be stamped, stenciled or have heat transfer vinyl applied. This is a very simple sewing project and a money saving option that doesn’t take much time. Hope you’ll follow along and maybe make some of your own.

Make Your Own Muslin Bags for Crafting

When finished these adorable muslin bags are approximately 3×5 inches. You could make them any size, but this is a nice size for a  party favor or other small gift. The neat thing is that you can sort of streamline the process and make several very quickly.


How to Streamline Your Process to make multiple bags quickly

For my example I used a piece of 12×12 inch muslin and made three bags out of it. Using a rotary cutter makes easy work of cutting your square.

First you’re going to want to sew small casings at opposite sides of your piece of muslin. I simply turned under 1/4 inch and then turned under another 1/2 inch (pressing it each time) and then stitched along the lower edge of the casing.

Just for fun I sewed these on my 1950s vintage machine that I call “Princess”. She only does straight stitch, but does it wonderfully! I put her to work any time I can.

Now you can take your rotary cutter or scissors and cut three, 4″ sections like this:

You should have three, 4×12 inch pieces with the casing at the top and bottom of the 4 inch edges.
Fold them in half with right sides together and put a pin at the top or even both sides if you prefer. Be sure to match up the sides of your casing.
Now you can stitch on one edge of all the bags. When finished simply snip them apart and your almost finished. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of each one.
One side stitched
Both sides done!
Cut them apart, and now you can turn them right side out and press them with a iron on cotton setting. If you want, you could spritz them with a little water to make them a little smoother, but in my opinion, the wrinkles give them some character.
Three bags done, but just a couple more steps!

Adding Cord

Using a pencil, make a light mark 1/2 inch from each long edge. This is where you will make a little hole for threading your cord through. I used an awl, but if you have a sharp point on a scissors, you can do that as well.

*You only want to go through the outside of the casing.

There are holes front and back just the same as you see here. Now you can thread a 12-14 inch piece of hemp or other cord through. A tiny safety pin or tapestry needle will work, I used a small crochet hook.

One side threaded with cord.
Now you could thread just one side, but I double threaded mine. Tie the ends of your cord in a small knot.
All three bags done!

You can buy little bags like this at craft stores or online, but for the cost of a couple bags, you can buy the materials to make LOTS of them. I purchased a yard of muslin for less than $1.00 from the thrift store.

Decorating Your Muslin Bags with Stamps
Now that you’ve had the satisfaction of sewing your own bags, it’s time to decorate them.  Insert of scrap of card stock or index card into your bag to keep the ink from going through to the other side. Make sure your stamp is well inked and stamp your images!
Finished handmade muslin bags decorated with rubber stamping.

Finished muslin bags
with stamping.
Ready For Party Favors, Treats and Gifts
Birthday parties, wedding favors, you name it! They are easy to do and just a sweet and inexpensive way to say “Celebrate” or “Thank you”.
Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!

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