Save Time and Money in the Kitchen

My Top 5 Small Appliance Picks

When it comes to choosing any small appliance, as busy wives and mothers we need to think about those that best fit our needs.



These can be expensive, and when we take the plunge into purchasing them, we need to ask “How will they help me save time and money in the kitchen?”

We also need to ask, “How can I save when making purchases on these small appliances?” I know from personal experience, that buying them during the holiday season can save you money on most of these.

As a busy wife and mother, I’ve cooked lots of meals. Today I’ve outlined my top 5 picks for my “must have” in the kitchen.  I’ve personally used each one of these and I hope you’ll use the following reviews as a guide when choosing what will work best for your own kitchen. 


Stand Mixer

When it comes to small appliances, a good stand mixer tops the list. I’ve had my KitchenAid mixer for 25 years and wouldn’t live without it. For years I made bread on a daily basis, and while I don’t have to any longer, I still use it for everything from whipped cream to making meatballs. I’m sure there are lots of ways to use it that I haven’t even thought of.


Slow Cooker

The slow cooker comes in handy for so many meals. I recently picked up a Fix -It and Forget-It cookbook from my local library and realized that I’m not using my slow cooker as much as I should.  I do use it at least once a week, especially for Sunday dinners. I love knowing that we can have a hot meal ready when we get home from church.

My favorite slow cooker is the Stay or Go. The clip tight lid makes it wonderful for transporting hot meals to potlucks, without worrying about spills.



I’ve had other blenders, but by far my favorite has been the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. My husband purchased this system for me several years ago and I especially love the individual containers for making smoothies. You can also make easy work out of shredding meat and cheese, or whip up malts for the family in the larger containers. I’ve even made my own almond butter.


Pressure Cooker

When I originally purchased a pressure cooker, I was looking for a way to make fast no-soak beans to add to my recipes. I found so much more. I regularly use my pressure cooker for cooking potatoes. Refried beans for burritos are a snap. Chicken breast, even from frozen, is quick and easy. My personal favorite is pulled pork sandwiches.

I purchased the Power Pressure Cooker XL for my pressure cooker and use it all the time. I haven’t had any trouble with it in the two years that I’ve had it.  For Christmas 2016, I purchased the Instant Pot for two of our married daughters and they love their pressure cookers. Both have small children and use the pressure cooker to provide fast, easy and nutritious meals.

While the Instant Pot seems to be the most popular, I can’t honestly do side by side reviews.

Check out the pros and cons of each for yourself, but when it comes to feeding a busy family, the pressure cooker is one of my favorites.




Food Saver

The last small appliance I’m going to talk about is the Food Saver. I don’t actually own a Food Saver, but my son does. He purchased it for freezing his garden produce and hunting meats. I use it often. I’m not sure what I’ll do when he moves out. I’ll very likely purchase my own.

The Food Saver is so handy for repackaging meats that we buy from Costco. I regularly buy the large packages of ground beef and make them into smaller portions for the freezer. I also like to stock up when I find a good sale on meat and then repackage it for later use. The main benefit that I find for vacuum packaging is that food stays fresh longer without freezer burn. It also is a big help for organizing your freezer. Vacuum packed items take up less room, and allow you to easily see what’s in the package.

Once a month cooks will find this appliance a plus when planning meals for their family.



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