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Warm and Cozy Fleece Mittens for Kids

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<img src=”sewing-fleece-mittnes-post.jpg” alt=“Colorful sewn at home fleece mittens”” data-pin-description=”Learning to sew fleece mittens with Craftsy Unlimited #fleece mittens, #diy fleece, #Craftsy class, #sewing with fleece”>Sewing With Fleece

I’ve been sewing for a LONG time! Telling you how long, would almost be like telling you my age. So let’s just keep it at a LONG time.

I love sewing on cottons. I even love a good knit. But one thing I have not sewn with very much is fleece.

My Experience with Fleece

I took a little road trip with fleece years ago and made my kids some simple mittens. I even made my hubby a pair of inserts for his snow shoveling mittens. It was all pretty straight forward, I measured hands, added a bit, rounded off the corners and BINGO, I had my pattern.

You can’t have enough mittens in a house full of 8 kids, and so having a few extras around was a plus. Kids get outside and love to play in the snow. Now you have a bunch of wet mittens and you have to wait for them to dry.  However, I never really graduated from ‘Mitten Making 101’.

Fast Forward

Remember how I told you I’ve been sewing a LONG time. I love to sew! I have several machines, from vintage to computerized. We even have a treadle and it’s one of my favorites. I sometimes wished we had a bigger house. Maybe it’s good that we don’t.

So much for getting sidetracked…

I’ve had a sewing bug lately and I wanted to sew for the grand kiddos.  I love Craftsy and I recently got a Craftsy Unlimited Subscription. I stumbled across a class Sewing With Fleece: Essential Techniques with Pattie Otto.  She grew up in Wisconsin, so she knows about winter and keeping warm.


Sew Your Own Muslin Bags

Muslin Bags for Stamping, Heat Transfer Vinyl Projects and More

muslin bag craft

You can sew your own muslin bags, like the kind you find in craft stores, and it is much easier than you think. (more…)

Christmas In July Quilted Potholders

Who doesn’t find themselves reaching for the potholders on a regular basis. If you’re anything like me, there are never enough.

Do you use them until they’re REALLY worn out, or do you replace them often? I know I’m feeling the heat a bit too often through mine!

Of course I’m always out of step with the season. Snowmen in April? Yep, that’s me!

Well, it’s been a really rainy summer here and last Friday I was ready for a change of pace. Not only a change of pace in weather but for some cute new home decor to take into the upcoming seasons. I fell absolutely in love with this tutorial on Sew4Home for these ruffled potholders. I’ve been reading the site for a long time, but never doing…so I jumped in.

Looking through my small stash of fabrics, and I do mean small, I had some Robert Kaufman fabric, “Holly Jolly Christmas”. This is a great fabric. I fussy cut the little mouse with the spoon. Sew adorable!! I chose “Winter White” for my thread so that it would blend in with the fabrics.

My only change to my project from the tutorial was to make a hanging loop that lays flat against the back when not in use, or flips out for hanging.

This was my first set of quilted potholders. At first I didn’t have the walking foot, but after some issues with shifting, I broke down and bought the walking foot. It went so much better! Now I’m ready to try some more.

Thanks for stopping by today and we’ll see you next time!