How to Create for Your Home and Family on a Budget

Some Money Saving Strategies

How to Save Money Crafting

Let’s face it. We all know crafting can get expensive. Have you ever felt like you wanted to hide the bag of craft supplies that you just bought because you knew that you spent too much? I bet we’ve all felt that guilty a time or two.

Maybe we see a neat craft on Pinterest and we know we want to try it. By the time we buy all the supplies, it turned out to be much more expensive than we thought. We often find ourselves making impulse buys from time to time. I’m here to tell you though, there is hope. These are just a few of the ways that I’ve found to make the crafting journey less expensive.

Reuse and Re-purpose

These are some of my favorite crafts. Jars, reclaimed buttons, scrap wood, denim…more and more I’m starting to see things in a new light. When we start to think outside the box, we find more items that we can obtain on the cheap and even for free.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores can be a great place to buy crafting supplies. Often times you can find knitting needles and crochet hooks, fabric, patterns, glassware, pans for baking projects and so much more. I’ve even created couch pillows from old flannel shirts. Sometimes you need to use your creativity, but thrift stores are a wonderful place to find discount craft items.

Organize Your Stuff

This is one of the most difficult for me because I’m limited on space, but I do try to work toward better organization of my materials. This prevents buying more of things I don’t need and also saves lots of time when I’m trying to work on a project. Find ways to organize that work for you and then spend some time getting the job done. You might be surprised how much room you actually do have.

Shop Your Own Stash

Once your stash is organized, it’s so much easier to see the possibilities. I enjoy lots of different crafts, but my all time favorite is basketry. I have a good assortment of handles that I’ve collected and my husband has teased me from time to time that I need to “get a handle on my handles”. Now and then my “self challenge”  has been to choose a handle, and now incorporate it into my next project. Offering yourself a challenge from your stash can sometimes be just the inspiration needed to get yourself out of the crafting doldrums.

Use Library Books for Patterns and Inspiration

Using the library is another way to save money on your crafting needs. Rather than buying patterns, try finding a project in a library book. Even if it’s an older book, you can use updated fabrics or yarn. There are also a wealth of books on techniques for sewing, embroidery, woodworking, and so much more.

Check magazines for farmhouse decor ideas or look for recipes that will become family favorites. Choose to focus on your passion, or explore something entirely new.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Clearance

If you have room to store some craft items, consider buying at the end of popular craft seasons. Jingle bells will still be jingle bells next year. Stock up on wrapping paper, gift bags, holiday tea towels and anything that you know you’ll use again.

Shop Dollar Tree and Other Discount Stores

It’s pretty amazing what folks come up with for Dollar Tree Crafts and organizing tips. Some of my personal favorites are gift basket bags, basket filler, ribbon, floral items, zip ties, stickers and glass items.

Watch Online Classes and Tutorials

There are so many areas to explore. Online classes, tutorials, and videos are some of the ways to learn new things, brush up on techniques, and understand current trends in arts and crafts. I regularly enjoy Creative Bug, Craftsy, and You Tube as well as a number of favorite blogs and websites.


These are just a few hints and tips. What are some of your favorite ways to save money crafting? I’d love to hear some of your ideas. Thanks for stopping by today. Remember to keep it simple and enjoy the journey!