February Bible Study

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I hope you’ve been able to work on some of the creative projects you’ve had planned.  In spite of the snow and the cold, I’ve enjoyed this month.  Slowly, I’ve been able to knock some things off my ‘to-do’ list.  In addition I’ve been able to schedule some of the local craft classes I teach and doing some sewing. Over the last couple days, I also worked on a new Bible study sheet for my binder.

Bible study notes have been one of the more popular posts on my blog and I wanted share this new February sheet with you. I’m thankful for the support my readers have shown for these. To get the latest sheet, you can find the PDF file in a link at the end of this post.


Devotional Note Sheets

Bible Study Note Sheets

The Bible study note sheet can be a helpful tool for looking into God’s word and applying it to your life.

As a SAHM of older children, I no longer need to feed, dress, and keep out of mischief the little ones. The family dynamic has changed greatly. It has been about 5 years since I last homeschooled. Gone are the days of everyone sitting around the table studying God’s word together. Gone are the days of memorizing catechism passages with them in hopes that they remembered them for their lesson, and also hid them in their hearts.

One thing has not changed about my parenting. There is still a need for me to share the word of God with my family. Whether it be on my daily runs taking my son to school, or time spent with my grandchildren. As a middle age mom, I also need to keep God’s promises close to me as I daily serve Him as a wife and mother.

I like a focused morning devotional and often times I turn to Bible Gateway. Bible gateway has a number of versions to compare, various commentaries and other tools to enrich your study. I enjoy pouring my coffee and sitting down in a favorite chair in the quiet part of my day.

Writing down the passage, recording related scriptures, commentary notes, questions I have, help me to focus on the passage and take it to heart. “How does it move me to worship and praise God, serve my neighbor and share the gospel with those around me?” 

I’ve designed a couple of Bible Study Note Sheets and I’m sharing them with you.  These can be used for family devotions or personal study. They may also serve you as a journal to record thoughts you may want to look back on.

I currently have a Spring/Summer themed one, and I also have also created a fall sheet for you to use.


May you be richly blessed in your studies.


Fall Note Sheet

Fall Note Sheet


Hope you have a great day!

Spring Note Sheet PDF