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Welcome to Say It With Simplicity!

I’m so glad you’re here. Hope you are enjoying some time where you can create for your home and family. If you’re new to Say It With Simplicity, sit down with a cup of coffee and make yourself at home. I want you to know that you don’t have to have LOTS and LOTS of time to create wonderful, heartfelt projects for your home and family. You can also save the hard earned money you make and not spend it on expensive craft supplies. I’m here to give you inspiration for simple, yet quality projects that you can make from:

  • thrift store supplies
  • scrap wood
  • up cycled items
  • clearance items
  • your own stash
  • and more.
Signs make with thrift store frames and clearance fabric
Created with thrift store frames and a clearance dinner napkin for just a few dollars.

Often times I hear people say, “But I’m not crafty.”

Sure you are!

However, if you never try, you’ll never know what you’re good at.

Plus crafting has so many benefits:

  • improving your focus
  • connections to tradition
  • more confidence as you gain skills
  • reducing stress
  • sense of accomplishment
  • inspiring others

And that’s just for starters.

Once again, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m constantly trying new things and working on projects that I can share with you. In the meantime check out a few of my posts.

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