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Did you ever think about throwing something out and change your mind? That’s what happened with these old picture frames. Today I’m going to share with you how they were rescued from stuff I was going to haul to the thrift store, and made into new home decor. 

The Real Truth

I purchased these frames from a thrift store a long…time ago. If I remember right, I paid $3.00 for them. 

When I purchased them, they were painted gold and had these cute vintage teacup prints in them. One was marked AVON on the back and in my research I found that Avon may have sold these, but I have never found an exact match. 


Fast forward a few years. I painted these frames antique white and popped in these botanical prints that were free in a magazine. They’re dated 2005, so a little time has passed! 

Botanical prints


The Conversation About the Frames

A year ago, I had a booth at a local market and I threw these in my items to sell but they didn’t sell. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get rid of them, but I’m trying really hard to downsize a bit. “For out of the thrift store you were taken, for thrift thou art, and unto thrift thou shalt return.” 

What ultimately happens with me and hauling things to the thrift store, is that it sits in the trunk until hubby sees it, or we need the trunk for a grocery haul, and then I finally get motivated to take it away. 

So the hubs asks, “What’s this stuff?” I told him it was to take to the thrift store. 

“Do you really want to throw these things away?”

“Well, technically I’m not throwing them away, I’m donating them to someone who will use them!” 

“What about these frames, are you sure you want to get rid of them?” 

“I don’t know!” 

This is coming from the guy who saved a turtle neck he never wears, and once when we had a family photo taken, I decided we should wear turtle necks.

“Told you we might need that someday.”  Very sweet guy, but we don’t use the word hoarder in this house. 


I pulled the frames out of the thrift store pile, and they sat, and sat, and sat… Sometimes I feel like I have a little junk heaven in my craft area. 

My original thought was to put burlap in the frames and find some vintage keys to put in them, but I wasn’t able to come up with three vintage keys that I liked. 

My Crafty Adventure

I have a favorite Ben Franklin Store that I like to shop at. It’s a great store, with lots of fabric, card making supplies, decor items, model kits. Sort of a creative haven when I find myself lacking. 

I went down the clearance aisle and there was this lone dinner napkin marked to half price at $2.50. 
It’s sort of gray, and has an open texture, not as rough as burlap, but with a little similar look. It had a little imperfection, maybe that’s why it was marked down. 
making farmhouse home decor on a budget
There was this light bulb moment, and I threw it in the cart along with some other goodies. 

Creating the Farmhouse Decor

I cut the napkin into a little less than fourths and tried them in the frame. I loved the look. 


diy farmhouse decor on a budget


Vinyl or Paint?

At first, I thought I might try Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl. This font is the Willow Bloom font and I cut this using my Silhouette Cameo. The font looked great, but I wasn’t totally sold on the vinyl, so I started thinking about other options. 

diy farmhouse decor on a budget

I tried testing a small area using a vinyl stencil and some paints. By the way, this is always a good idea for the success of any project. I had no idea how the paint was going to work out. I haven’t done stenciling on fabric. 

The paint I chose was Light Buttermilk by DecoArt and I used a combination of Oracal 631 and Oracal 813 stencil vinyl for my stencils. It was a good way to use up some scraps and I can’t say that one worked better than the other. 

I used a 1-inch foam brush and just dabbed light coats until I had filled in everything, and then waited for it to dry a little and did a second coat. I wanted the fabric to be pretty well filled with the paint. 

The DecoArt paint doesn’t take long to dry. I was able to get these done in no time. Like start to finish in less than an hour. 

With the open weave fabrics, you might want to sew around the edge, or for a no-sew option, tape the edge to keep it from fraying. Then you can pop your fabric pieces into the frames. 

how to make diy farmhouse decor on a budget

Loving How These Turned Out

live laugh love

I love how these turned out, don’t you? 

You could use three matching frames, or you could go for an unmatched look.  Instead of a trio, maybe there is just one word that you would like to highlight. 

Maybe you’re not going to find the same dinner napkin, but you could use an unbleached cotton drill, burlap or other fabric to get the look you want. 

Keep in mind that crafting doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Be creative! Be open. Use what you have on hand. Enjoy!  

Thanks for stopping by Say It With Simplicity and have a great day crafting for your home and family! 

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