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Say “Merry Christmas” with this festive Crochet Jar Topper

Jar toppers are a great way to say “Merry Christmas” and perfect for mason jar gifts.

Candies, nuts, hot cocoa mix and more…These are frugal and easy gifts and a festive jar topper is just the thing for that personal touch.

If you enjoy crochet, then check out the pattern for the jar topper. It comes from the 2015 Special Issue of Annie’s Christmas. *  I’d never purchased an Annie’s Magazine before, but I’m really looking forward to making another jar topper and trying some of the other patterns. 

2017 Update: This magazine is still available at the Annie’s Craft Store website. You might also check your local library for a copy.

I’ve only been doing filet crochet for about a year, and it was an easy pattern to follow.  I used 1.7 mm hook and for the white I used number 10 crochet cotton. The wreath was crocheted with Iris Embroidery Cotton. I had picked up a large bag of assorted colors and have used them for lots of projects. This pack is available at Amazon. 

Iris 150-Pack Embroidery Super Giant Floss Pack, 8m

You can use ribbon for your jar topper, however,  I chained 120 chains with the red embroidery cotton and single crocheted one row. The little red bow is just a length of chain stitches that I tied and stitched on.

I had some little assorted beads that worked nicely for embellishing the wreath.

That’s it for today!

Keep crafting and see you next time.


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