Month: August 2014

Printable Grocery List

My daughter is visiting from out of state, and we were planning some meals together and going shopping on Saturday afternoon. One thing I realized is how disorganized I really am when it comes to organizing my grocery store trips. I’m not always disorganized. But maybe more often times, I make my list, and don’t categorize things like I should in order to make things easier. So I’m experimenting a little here with a grocery list and thought I’d share it here. If you have any comments as to what works better for you, or how you would tweak it, please share.
Here is the link to the PDF file.

Faith Hope Love Primitive Sign

Matthew Henry says that Faith, Hope and Love are principal graces and Charity, or Love, is the chief grace. It is a permanent and perpetual grace, lasting as eternity.
Having given away one of my favorite pieces of wall art to my daughter to decorate her apartment, I decided to make this sign. I changed my mind and decided on another wall art that’s in the planning stages, so  I’ve decided to share this one in my Etsy shop.
Have a  blessed weekend and see you next week!